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Well, hello there!

As the hub for Jewish students on campus, UM Hillel is here to help you find your niche and empower you to “do Jewish” your way. We know that Judaism comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, so we encourage you to choose your own adventure! Feel free to explore these opportunities and get social with us on Insta, Facebook and join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

UDisrupt - Women Empowerment Business Competition

What is UDisrupt?

UDisrupt is a Shark tank-like competition to empower female students to create a product that will help address the needs specific to women in the workforce. Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a distinguished panel of South Florida’s leading Jewish female entrepreneurs and win seed funding.

We recognize that there are so many reasons why women should feel empowered to create, innovate, and lead in business.Female entrepreneurs are a huge untapped potential of the world economy. Gender diversity is not only about making things fair, it directly translates into social, economic and business impact. Women bring new priorities and topics into the innovation scene, and they are also more likely to re-invest their profit into society.

UDisrupt Kick-off Party

  • Join us on November 3rd at 7pm on the Hillel rooftop for mocktails and sushi as we launch UDisrupt. You will get an opportunity to network with business-focused UM students and be the first to hear about our entrepreneurial competition. RSVP here.

You’re the right applicant if:

  • You care about supporting women in the workplace
  • You have a product or idea that supports need not currently addressed in the business world
  • You seek mentorship from strong women in your career field
  • You are willing to take risk and try new things

What do I get?

  • Mentorship: All participants will be paired with a mentor in the greater Miami community to help them design their project and present it to the panel of judges.
  • Professional Development: From Networking socials to Startup development trainings with The Launch Pad, we will be partnering with Miami organizations to provide you with the best possible professional development opportunities.
  • Seed Funding: 5 people will be selected to work on their initiative and will each receive $250 in seed money.
  • Award: The winner will receive $3,000 to create, market and sell their product or idea, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with panelists throughout the development process. 2nd place will receive $2000 and third place will receive $1000.

Do I have to be Jewish to apply?

No! As stated in our mission, “UM Hillel is committed to students at the University of Miami. Everything we do as an organization is aimed at providing meaningful Jewish life to students, and the larger Miami community.” We see ourselves as a hub for this project and recognize that as a Jewish organization, we have an obligation to serve the greater community of which we are a part of. We want students of all faiths to participate in our initiative so that we can best serve the goals of this project and contribute to the betterment of Miami as a whole.

What’s the Timeline?

  • November 3rd - Hillel and Partners Launch application and advertising at our Mixer and Networking Launch
  • November 3rd- November 20th-Rolling application review
  • November 30 Announce Participant Selection
  • Nov 30 - December 30 Identify/Match Mentors
  • Spring Monthly Mentor Check-Ins
  • Spring Bi-Weekly Student Check Ins
  • March 2022 - Prepare for Final Project Presentations

Ready to Apply?

Click here to review and submit your application - good luck!

FAQ - UM Hillel Covid Policy, Fall 2021

As we implement best practices for staying healthy, we embrace the Jewish value of Pikuach Nefesh, the primacy of the sanctity of life. We take this obligation seriously and will do all we can to provide safe spaces to gather as we continue to build the Jewish community at UM this year.

The details below describe UM Hillel procedures that will be in place for Fall 2021 until further notice. Our COVID policies are reviewed regularly to take into consideration evolving CDC recommendations and UM policies. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time.

All UM Hillel students and guests are required to:

  • Provide proof of vaccination to attend all events, as they will be requested as part of all required event registrations. You can upload your proof of vaccination here so we can keep it on file for future programs. One-time guests may be asked to show proof of vaccination. If you are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons, please contact Igor Alterman, UM Hillel’s Executive Director at so we can make proper accommodations. Please also see the section below about accommodating unvaccinated students.
  • Wear a mask at all times inside the building. As of now, Braman Miller Center is open for student access daily 10 am-6 pm. Disposable masks will be available to all guests who do not arrive with their own masks. You may remove your mask briefly to eat or drink as long as you are 3 ft or more away from others; please put it back on when you are done. If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave our premises.
  • Social distance during all indoor and outdoor events.
  • Pre-register to attend Hillel events. All event registration information can be found on our Instagram page, and our weekly newsletters.

Accommodations for unvaccinated students:

Students who are unable to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine for medical reasons must show proof of exception to a Hillel staff member. Upon approval, these students will be permitted to attend Hillel events with the following requirements: (1) proof of a negative test within 24-36 hours; (2) masking for the entirety of the event or engagement even while outdoors.

Are you sick or do you think you might be sick? We ask that you do not go to Hillel if you are feeling sick, have a temperature, or have recently been exposed to any illness, including COVID-19.

If you have any symptoms of any illness and have recently attended a Hillel event or meeting, please notify someone on the Hillel staff immediately, so we can discuss if you have been in contact with anyone else at Hillel. We will make every effort to keep your identity confidential as we share information with those you may have been in contact with. The communication will look something like this: “Dear student, You were recently at a Hillel event where someone may be/has tested positive for COVID-19. Please monitor your symptoms over the next 7 days.”

If you have tested positive with Covid-19, please use the necessary time to recuperate. Please follow the University of Miami and CDC guidelines. After your isolation period, we welcome you back to Hillel. If you were an asymptomatic positive, we request you follow the same CDC and UM guidelines. We look forward to seeing you when the isolation period is over.

What you can expect from staff:

All Hillel staff are vaccinated and will be wearing masks at all indoor Hillel events, at large outdoor events, and where social distancing is not possible.

As always, let us know how we can help! We care about your health which is why we are putting these policies into effect.

We would love to send food, help with academic accommodations, or anything else you need so you can focus on healing.

We wish you all a healthy start to the new school year.

What initiatives will UM Hillel be offering?

We are pleased to be offering many initiatives, some that you know and love and new opportunities as well. Hillel’s programs are as diverse as our students. We offer a range of programs throughout the year, focused on religious observance, holiday celebrations, educational fellowships, lectures, and social programs. Staples like Shabbat will take on new forms, while the Jewish Learning Fellowship cohorts will be moved online.

  • Jewish Learning Fellowship, a 10-week paid learning opportunity with a large group: Applications are due on Friday, August 28th.

  • Freshman Leadership Council: Connect with a small group of incoming students who are passionate about engaging their peers. Applications are now open!

    For additional information on any of these programs please email Rachel

What will Shabbat services and dinner be like this Fall?

We’ll be offering a mix of different Shabbat options this Fall where we will continue to gather together for Shabbat in-person!

Will UM Hillel still have High Holiday services or other holiday celebrations?

Yes! Sign up here.

How can I connect with UM Hillel?

Campus Based Internships: Fall Semester 2021

Student Leadership ForUM

Calling all innovators, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers! This is the space for you to make your ideas come to life, to create programs and leadership opportunities for the U. This incubator provides professional development, funding, and the chance to make your mark as a Jewish student leader.

Campus Engagement Internship

The Campus Engagement Internship focuses on engaging uninvolved Jewish students on campus. You will work with your friends who are comfortable being Jewish, but don’t necessarily associate themselves with Hillel. Additionally, you will choose a focus project to work on during the year. This is a great internship for students who are incredibly social and like bringing people together.

Applications are now closed.

Social Media Manager

Take over Hillel’s FB, Insta, and Snapchat accounts and turn them into “living beings,” with creative stories on a daily basis. You will work closely with Hillel’s social media accounts to enhance our email, FB and other visual identity and communication. The perfect candidate will have a track record of social media influence, reflected through a consistent online presence or professional experience in marketing agencies, along with proficiency in Adobe Suite, Canva, Photoshop.

Learn how by emailing Igor at


Document all the Hillel events and happenings throughout the year. This role makes you responsible for a set amount of major events professionally photographed, filmed and post-edited. If you are the one who likes to be behind the camera, has an existing portfolio, DSLR or camera equivalent, and access to video equipment this is the internship for you.

Learn how by emailing Igor at

Development Intern

Jump on this incredible opportunity to learn about the world of fundraising. Work with our Director of Development to learn about the behind the scenes work of Hillel to make it all happen. Help run student campaigns such as the On One Foot campaign. You will be in charge of recruiting students for Casino Night to play a role in our annual community fundraiser.

Learn how by emailing Kate at

Multifaith interns

Being a Multifaith Intern gives you the tools to be a connector amongst different religious groups at the U. In the past they’ve helped coordinate Multifaith Thanksgivings and Freedom Seders which open a dialogue to understand and appreciate each other’s backgrounds

Learn how by emailing Rabbi Lyle at

Birthright interns

The best way to go to Israel is with all of your friends. Apply to be one of our Birthright Recruitment Interns to guarantee your spot on one of UM Hillel’s enhanced Birthright trips and get paid to recruit students to come with you.

Learn how by emailing Rachel at

Travel the Globe, once COVID is over


Experience Israel like a true Miami student! Our 10-day trip is an enhanced experience with Israeli peers for all 10 days, visits to army bases, and a hand-picked itinerary tailored to our students. Get ready to make 40 new friends at the U and have the experience of a lifetime! Register for our winter or summer trip.

Registration for Winter Birthright is Open


Grab your passport and build your resume with a summer internship in Israel! Join the Miami cohort of students who spend two months learning, working, and immersing themselves in Tel Aviv.

More information, yalla!

Student conferences

We’re proud to support the passions of our students and enable them to connect with different networks around the country. We send an annual delegation to the AIPAC Policy Conference, have hosted the Latino-Jewish Summit, and a wide range of other opportunities. Interested in attending a conference? Let us know how we can support you!

Engage and Bond

Jewish Learning Fellowship

The Jewish Learning Fellowship is a 10-week program where we will come together weekly for dinner and an intriguing conversation about Judaism in our world today. We will be asking the big questions and exploring the old mixed with the new. This is a chance to engage with your Jewish identity, join in weekly meals, participate in meaningful conversations, build community, and receive a stipend upon the completion of the fellowship.

Scubi Jew

We love living right next to the ocean here in Miami, and it’s our responsibility to help keep it clean! Scubi Jew is your opportunity to go on dives to help restore coral reefs and clean debris from the ocean. This effort for Tikkun Hayam (repairing the seas) is a statewide effort with opportunities for trips and Shabbatons in the Keys to bring together students who are passionate about our environment.

Challah for Hunger

Get your hands dirty for a good cause! Our challah crew bakes fresh loaves every Thursday at Temple Judea and sells them for $5 in the breezeway on campus every Friday. All of our proceeds benefit a local kosher food bank and the national hunger-relief movement Mazon. Whether you stop by to braid or order our cinnamon swirl flavor every week, do your part in helping alleviate world hunger!


Cane PAC was born from a group of students’ personal ties to the state of Israel and their belief in the power of peace. Their mission is to ensure a global pro-Israel stance. This diverse group of student leaders hosts meetings, speakers and events throughout the year and sends an annual delegation to the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Individualized Jewish Learning

Whether it’s chatting about the weekly Torah portion or learning how to read Hebrew, Rabbi Lyle Rothman is available for individualized learning. Students have opted into studying for their bar or bat-mitzvah and have also began the conversion process with Rabbi Lyle’s guidance.

Freshman Leadership Council

Get connected with all things Hillel during your first semester on campus! FLC allows you to build a crew of first-year pals, plan events for your friends, and gain leadership experience you can add to your resume!

Let's celebrate!


If you’re looking for a community to sing, eat, and celebrate with, look no further! UM Hillel hosts Shabbat experiences every Friday night, with services starting at 6:30 PM and a glatt kosher meal served at 7:30 PM. We love to mix things up, so keep an eye out for our alternative experiences.


We know how unique Miami is, and our holiday celebrations follow suit! We host traditional and alternative experiences throughout the year, from Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur to Purim and Pesach.

Host your own Shabbat dinner!

Learn how by emailing Rabbi Lyle at

Design Request Form

Hi there! Do you have an event coming up, and would like our support in creating your visual identity? We are here to help! If you have a UM Hillel sponsorred event, feel free to fill out this form, and we will help you design your cover photo, Insta story or post. Please note, you must fill out the form completely, and provide our designer with an advance notice, if you would like our assistance.

“Thank you Hillel for being the epicenter of my college experience. This organization has taken me to Israel, allowed me to progress and grow as a leader, has given me the most meaningful friendships at UM”

- Brandon Jackson, Class of 2019, UM Hillel Student President -

“We didn’t even know each other prior to Birthright. Within 10 short days we’ve come to understand how fortunate we are to be Jewish…it was a once in a lifetime experience and a bond we will share forever.”

- Amanda Kuperman, Class of 2019 -