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UM Hillel is a leader in creating a meaningful, inclusive and pluralistic Jewish life on campus, and for the larger Miami community. We have reached our award-winning status with the support of people like you - parents and families, alumni, Miami community, and most importantly - students!

University of Miami Hillel is a stand-alone 501c3 nonprofit organization that is fully dependent on the support of the community, which it is committed to enhance.

We invite you to become a part of our movement, and a story of a success. We are audited on the annual basis, and proud to be fully transparent with our investors!

All online transactions on UM Hillel’s website offer a bank-level security.

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In order to make sure everyone who wants to participate in supporting Jewish life on campus can do so, we are offerring a subscription based model, which allows to make your annual contribution in low monthly installments. You can sign-up for as little as $5 a month, and your credit card will be automatically charged, like with any subscription-based service you are already using!

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Contribute to a Senior Class Campaign

We are proud of our students, who are stepping up and are giving back to UM Hillel, while in college. Last year alone we raised over $10,000 in students contributions! Students, think back to all the friendships, and laughs, and dinners, and coffees that Hillel provided you with - pay it forward, and leave a lasting impact and opt-in to donate in honor of the incoming first year students! Join the campaign!

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We are excited to invite Parents and Families to participate in a fundraising campaign developed specifically to engage current families. We have worked with many parents to create something that will allow you to stay in touch with your children while supporting Jewish life on campus!

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Transfer Stock

Have some appreciated stock? We’ll take it! We work in partnership with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to offer you a seamless way to transfer your stock to our account. You will be entitiled to the same tax deductions and donor recognition as with regular gifts to Hillel. Please contact Robin Agronin, UM Hillel’s Director of Development, for more information and instructions.

Become a Major Donor

If your family is blessed to be in a position to offer a major gift (above $5,000), please contact our Executive Director, Igor Khokhlov at 305.284.8918, igor@miamihillel.org, or our Director of Development Robin Agronin, at robin@miamihillel.org. We have a Giving Menu of strategic priorities, which will allow you to make a lasting impact on many future Jewish ‘Canes!

For this year we have identified several areas for priority funding. We invite you to review them and allow us to become even stronger with your support:

Campus Leadership ForUM

UM Hillel is known for its standard-setting commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel. Our guiding principle is simple - we listen to our students, and empower them to be leaders in their respective communities. We believe that our utmost impact will be achieved when Jewish life becomes a decision of choice for the students on their terms. This approach allowed us to create a diverse, decentralized infrastructure, with examples like Scubi Jews - a Jewish marine conservation effort, Shabbrunch - a Saturday afternoon breakfast club of sorts, Jewish Learning fellowship - a 10-week learning intensive for Jewish students, Cances Creative market - an entrepreneurial initiative, aimed to bring business minded community together.

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Alternative Spring Breaks

We strongly believe in providing students with opportunities aimed at understanding the breadth of Jewish life outside of their comfort zone. Learning from their peers in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba in the past three years, not only allowed students to appreciate Jewish life in the US, but also forge meaningful relationships with their peers, travel to an exciting and culturally rich destination. We consistently receive an overwhelmingly positive feedback in regards to this program, and seek to offer scholarships to students, who are not in the position to afford the full cost of the program.

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Shabbat Experiences with Hillel

In order to be relevant in the lives of our students, UM Hillel works hard to better understand them and respond to their demands. One piece of feedback we received was that our Shabbat Dinners were not compelling, especially compared to the competition, which we face on Friday night in a major metropolitan area such as Miami. While we are not looking to offer Michelin-rated cuisine we would love to be in the position to offer various opportunities for the students, which would allow them to celebrate Friday night in their own way. Specifically we look into providing students with alternative experiences, such as trips to museums, galleries, and famous restaurants. We are empowering students to host Shabbat dinners in their apartments in parallel to the communal experience offered at UM Hillel every Friday night.

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Israel Travel and Education

UM Hillel is the largest provider of Israel-related experiences in Florida. Between Birthright Israel, Onward, MASA, and Canes’ Perspectives we send close to 150 students to Israel each year. While there are other campuses in FL with a significantly larger Jewish population, none is offering robust recruitment as does UM Hillel. We are looking to further enhance our programmatic investment in exploring all sides of the modern state of Israel. Read more about our Center for Israel Excellence here.

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Base Miami

As an urban Hillel, we realize that our work doesn’t stop on campus. Many of our alumni chose Miami as their place of residence, and we do not want to stop our relationship with them on graduation day. With that in mind, we opened Base Miami - an inclusive space for a Rabbi and his wife to work with young adults and recent graduates. Within the first two years of operation, Base showed tremendous success, with a steady and loyal following. Read more about Base Miami here.

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Braman Miller Center

After operating Braman Miller Center for the past several years, we have learned a lot about its strength and opportunities to improve on. This year, we are looking to improve our:

  • Student Kitchen: We need a space for our students to warm up their food, socialize between classes over a cup of coffee, bake Challahs as part of our Challah for Hunger (link), and have master classes with leading Miami chefs. For that we need a kitchen. We have already identified an excellent space that can serve as a lounge and an informal kitchen space (think open space concept and a merge of a regular kitchen and a dining room). Please help us make this a reality.
  • Rooftop terrace: Miami is hot! And humid and rainy. We are fortunate to have a rooftop, that is currently unfurnished, has no shade and no equipment. We have the vision of activating that space and turning it into a lush tropical garden, with romantic string-lights, umbrellas, and comfortable seating. Let us know if you want to be a part of the newest rooftop in Miami!

Support BMC Initiatives

“As a UM alum, I am thrilled that my son is attending UM. When I was asked if I wanted to get involved as a parent and an alum, I was excited and honored to participate in an organization that enriches the lives of Jewish students on campus.”

- Robb Steinberg, Parent`20, Vice Chair, UM Hillel Board of Directors -